Command Access MLRK1-AR Electrified motor driven latch retraction kit for Adams Rite P88/88/86/84/82 Series Exit Device

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The Command Access MLRK1-AR (old part number ARLP88-KIT) is a incredibly easy field installable solenoid latch retraction kit for Adams Rite P88/88/86/84/82 series exit devices. It’s an ideal solution for latch retraction on a device where cost is a concern. Motor driven.

The MLRK1-AR is a robust, straightforward field-installable motorized latch retraction kit for Adams Rite P88/88/86/84/82 series exit devices. It utilizes a CAT-designed custom assembly to maximize the pulling force. The only hole you’ll need to drill is the raceway! It uses our new 1-touch PTS “Push to Set” technology, making post-installation adjustments a breeze. An optional built-in REX switch is available on all units!

  • Next Generation MM5 Smart Module: On board diagnostics with audible feedback for adjustment and power issues
  • 1 Touch “PTS”: Quick & easy post installation adjustment
  • Electric dogging rated for continuous duty
  • Auto re-engage if push pad is pulled from dogged position
  • Low Torque Mode: Now capable of pulling all devices, even tall vertical rod doors!
  • Up to 300’ wire run with 2-18ga wire - Long wire runs provides installer with convenience of placing the Command locking hardware power supply in a centralized location; i.e. the same closet as the access control panel
  • 8’’cable with Robust Quick Molex Connect for MM5 module to connect to
    incoming power
  • Easy installation
  • Cost-effective latch retraction

Available REX (request to exit)