Manual Flush Bolts

Manual Flush bolts are mortised into the edge of your door. Manual flush bolts require a person to manually retract the bolts by flipping a small lever that pulls the bolt in. The bolt is held retracted until a person manually re-latches the door by moving the small lever to extend the bolt into the strike. Manual extension flush bolts are available for both wood and hollow metal doors. Wood doors will have the top corner mortised to receive wood door flush bolts. When the wood door flush bolts are used it can sometimes weaken the top corner of the wood door. Also, because they are positioned at the top corner of the doors, they can be harder to reach, so manual wood door flush bolts are not used as often. Fortunately, wood doors can also be prepped to receive metal door flush bolts. Metal door flush bolts have longer rods which lowers the height of the lever used to retract the bolts. The standard length for these rods are 12″ but they can be extended to 18″ up to 24″ and sometimes even 48″. The height of the door can determine the length of rod that will be used.