Cal-Royal LBR6660V Series Surface Vertical Rod Less Bottom Rod Mechanical Exit device UL Fire Rated and Non-Rated Grade 1 Push Bar Style

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Cal-Royal LBR6660V less bottom rod exit devices are grade 1. ANSI 156.3. Cal Royal LBR6660V are for use in institutions, schools, universities, commercial buildings where heavy duty reliable operation is a requirement. Vertical rod type exit device less bottom rod. 

  • LBR - No Bottom Strike. Free access for wheel chairs, stretcher and carts, therefore, eliminates tripping potential and disfiguration of floors due to dragging of bottom bolts
  • ANSI A156.3, GRADE 1 heavy duty exit device in surface vertical rod and rim designs.
  • Rail assemblies are heavy duty extruded steel or stainless steel body with steel or stainless steel push pad and end caps. Rail travels in direction of the door swing.
  • Trims are thru-bolted for additional security.
  • UL Listed for Panic and UL10C, UBC 7-2-1997 codes.
  • UL Listed for Fire Exit Hardware. 3 hours.
  • (A) label rating on pairs of doors up to 8’0″ x 8’0″ swinging in same or opposite directions.
  • Uncompromising security and safety in single and double fire exit doors.
  • Chassis mounted unit construction. Rim and vertical rod devices are non-handed and easily reversible.
  • For Doors - 1 ¾" thick standard. Optional 2 ¼” thick. 3 ¾"minimum stile width for single door application. 3 ½" minimum stile width for double door application. Lever, thumbpiece, and escutcheon trims available.
  • Top Chassis - Steel material for Panic and Fire Grade
  • Cover - Aluminum, Zinc, or Stainless Steel material. Covers stock hollow metal doors with 161 cut out.
  • Mounting - Furnished with wood and machine screws. Thru bolts are included and standard packaging on fire-rated devices.
  • End Cap - Steel or Stainless Steel construction
  • End Bracket - Steel material
  • Alarm - Available (See page 58)
  • Hand - Easily field reversible. 
  • Latch Bolt - Stainless Steel material
  • Auxiliary Spring Latch - Auxiliary spring loaded latchbolt is installed in the lower edge of the door, when exposed to fire latchbolt releases keeping the door closed and regulated
  • ANSI Standard - A156.3, Grade 1.
  • Rail Assembly - Heavy gauge extruded steel or stainless steel body and push pad
  • Dogging Feature - Allen-type key furnished standard on non-fire labeled devices
  • UL and ULC Listed - 6660V Series for Panic. F6660V Series for Fire Exit Hardware for all types of  8' x 8' double doors for up to 3-hour fire labeled installations. Conforms to standards UL10C and UBC 7-2-1997 codes.
  • LBR FIRE-RATED DEVICES PACKAGING Thru-Bolts for Fire-Rated Devices only. Packed with Auxiliary Fire Pin Latch to be installed 6” from the floor in the lower part of the door. 

Available Sizes:


  • LBR6660V3684 36" x 84" door
  • LBR6680V4896 48" x 96" door

Fire Rated:

  • LBRF6660V3684 36" x 84" door
  • LBRF6680V4896 48" x 96" door

Available Finishes:

  • US32D - Brushed Stainless Steel
  • ALUM - Painted Aluminum
  • DURO - Painted Dark Bronze