Cal-Royal 300 Surface Mounted Door Closer

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Cal-Royal 300 surface mounted door closer is ideal for new construction and renovations. Commonly used on storefront doors. The Cal Royal 300 series closer is the perfect solution for office doors, hotel doors, commercial and industrial doors. The Cal-Royal 300 is a low cost dependable solution. The Cal Royal 300 is provided with a full cover.

  • Meets and Exceeds ANSI Standard A156.4 GRADE 1
  • Universal Hole Pattern Offering Versatility and Precision Engineering for New and Retrofit Market 
  • Multi-Size and Adjustable Commercial Door Closer Sizes 1 thru 4, and 3 thru 6 meeting Barrier-Free Applications
  • Hydraulic Door Closer with Standard Back Check
  • Full Plastic Cover Is Standard Feature
  • Factory Tested to Meet or Exceed ANSI Standard A156.4 Grade 1
  • Hydraulic Door Closer with Standard Adjustable Back-Check Valve
  • Standard Full Plastic Cover (2 ⅝” W x 3” H x 10 1/8” L) COV / 400
  • Universal Mounting - Standard Size #4 Mounting Holes. (9-1/16”)
  • Dual Valve, Closing and Latching Speed Controlled by Two Separate Regulating Valves
  • Universal Application Tri-Packed for regular, top jamb and parallel mounting
  • Non-Handed
  • Designed for All Standard Installations

Available Sizing:

  • 300 PBFCOV: Non-Sized, Fully Adjustable 1 through 4, (Barrier Free ADA). Full cover. For 30-185 lbs Door Weight. For interior use
  • 300 PCOV: Non-Sized, Fully Adjustable 3 through 6. Full cover. For 85-260 lbs Door Weight. For exterior use

Delayed Action:

  • Optional Adjustable Delayed Action for Handicapped or Elderly DA

Available Finishes:

  • ALUM - Sprayed Aluminum
  • DURO - Sprayed Dark Bronze
  • GOLD - Sprayed Gold