BEA 10KEYSWITCHMOM Single Gang Mounting Momentary Action Keyswitch

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BEA 110KEYSWITCHMOM Single gang mounting momentary action keyswitch. 

BEA’s KEYSWITCHES offers an economical and efficient solution for controlling access in a variety of security applications. Each plate is furnished with both Philips and Spanner (tamper-resistant) screws.

These low-profile, aluminum plates are designed to withstand the rigors of busy environments, while providing an aesthetically pleasing and easy to install access control device.

Mechanical key access - 1-1/8" mortise cylinder with straight cam required - not included.

2 1/2” (W) × 4 3/4” (H) × 1/4” (D)

6 A @ 125 VAC or 3 A @ 250 VAC