Rixson 10-346 Size 3 #10 Series Checkmate Standard Duty Adjustable Combo SURFACE Mounted

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Rixson 9-326 Size 3 #9 Series Checkmate Heavy Duty stop SURFACE Mounted. Checkmate overhead heavy duty stops are used to extend the life of the door, frame and any door closing devices. They are ideal for installations prone to strong winds, high traffic or abuse, and when used with a floor closer, they provide absolute control at the top and bottom of the door. 

  • Standard duty, adjustable
  • Slide track design
  • Degree of opening fully adjustable and can be adapted to changing needs - Heavy shock absorber spring provides compression before deadstop
  • Can be ordered specifically as a stop, friction stay, or hold open.
  • Multi-function unit is shipped as a stop. Can be converted to a hold open or friction in field. 5012- PKG (Adapter kit) included
  • Complete screw packet with thru-bolts for door, wood and machine screws for frame
  • Standard architectural finishes
  • Durable slider cam and shock block
  • 110° maximum opening - 3/4" square channel
  • For pull side mounting or flush and rabbeted mounting on push side use angle jamb bracket adapter 5258 - sold separately 
  • May not work if hanging door by means other than standard butts or offset pivots 

For use with the following sized doors:

If hung on butt hinges or offset pivots: 30-1/16" - 36"

If hung on center pivots: 32-1/16" - 38"

Available finishes:

630 - Brushed Stainless Steel

613 - Oil Rubbed Bronze