Norton ADA1028W Wireless Interface Module

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The Norton ADA1028W Wireless Interface Module is designed to interface all versions of the 5800 Series ADAEZ Low Energy Operator (PRO, PRO PLUS, COMPLETE) with a variety of actuators and systems, including:
  • Wired or ADAEZ wireless push buttons
  • ADAEZ wireless remote
  • Electric lock
  • Fire panel
  • Access control system
  • Wireless hand held remote
  • Electric locking devices
  • Outside Push Button Disable: Privacy Feature
  • Emergency Interface Relay (EIR)
The Wireless Interface Module ADA1028W enables the 5800 to fulfill the needs of a broader set of applications that require simple and seamless door control through a variety of devices and systems. Easy to install, the ADA1028W wireless interface module can be mounted inside a power supply cabinet, using the included mounting plate and fasteners.