MS Sedco ANSI Compliant Door Safety Decals

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Self-sticking, exterior grade decals meet the requirements of ANSI A156.10 & A156.19. Two sided decals are depicted with opposite side partially shown. Sold as EACH

  • Language Options:
    • EO - English Only
    • ES - English/Spanish
  • Available Models:
    • MSS-1 - Blue/White "Activate Switch to Operate" Rectangle single sided
    • MSS-2 - Yellow/Black "Caution Automatic Door" Round double sided
    • MSS-3 - Green/White/Black "Automatic Door Keep Moving" Rectangle with rounded top double sided
    • MSS-4 - Red/Black/White "Do Not Enter Stand Clear Automatic Door Can Open at Any Time" reverse side Green/Black/White "Automatic Door Keep Moving" Rectangle with rounded top double sided
    • MSS-5 - White/Blue "Automatic Sliding Door Caution Door May Close without Warning" rectangle double sided
    • MSS-6 Red/White " In Emergency Push To Open" rectangle single sided
    • MSS-13 Red/White "Stand Clear" rectangle single sided
    • MSS-15 Yellow/Black/Blue "Automatic Door Caution Activate Switch to Operate" rectangle with rounded top double sided