Don-Jo Frame Frog WP4S-001 Wire Pathway

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Don-Jo Frame Frog WP4S-001 Wire Pathway. The original frame frog just got smaller. The Don-Jo frame frog is the first backbox specifically designed for electrified door hardware in hollow metal door frames providing a smooth, seamless wiring pathway and future-proofing door hardware wiring access. The Don-Jo frame frog offers a universal design that provides an easy, professional solution for all electronic locks, strikes, card readers, and any other devices of a fully operational access control system. The smaller design can be welded to the frame in the fab shop with included Don-Jo mounting tabs - reducing labor cost. The pathway remains accessible even after construction is completed - allowing for future wiring repairs, changes and upgrades.

  • Designed to attach to hollow metal door frames that require wiring systems for electronic door hardware and access control devices.
  • Easily install electrical hardware such as electric locks, strikes, card readers, EPT’s, position switches, etc.
  • Universal, flexible design simplifies ordering and allows for adaptation in the field for all hardware types and locations in a door frame.
  • Continues to be accessible through entry points that remain after construction is completed, allowing for future changes and upgrades.
  • Designed for use with ½ inch PVC conduit and standard 90° sweeps within the doorframe.
  • Unique patented shape forces fish tape down chosen conduit paths with the flick of a finger.
  • Adjustable wing tabs allow for anchoring to a variety of door frame depths.
  • Attachment Screw rotates and raises wing tab behind the frame return to secure FRAMEFROG in place.
  • Triangular knockouts are easily removed to provide clearance for door hardware prep that is welded in the frame.
  • Funnel-shaped ports smoothly direct a fish tape into electrical conduit.
  • Four connection ports for attaching and configuring conduit pathways in multiple arrangements.
  • Dividers that separate the ports for ease in steering the fish tape into the desired port.
  • Port caps are easily removed for conduit attachment and remain in place for unused connections.
  • Smaller size is specifically designed for all hardware preps in a door frame up to 5" long - WP4L-001 is for transfers up to 9" long
  • four connection ports with removable caps provide flexibility for configuring conduit pathways in a variety of arrangements and funnel shaped ports smoothly steer a fish tape into your desired path