Command Access VC series Voltage Converter Module

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The Command Access VC series is a voltage converter that takes incoming voltage, steps it down & supplies consistent voltage at either 24V or 12V, depending on the unit selected.

The Command Access VC2412 is ideal when paired with Command Access power supplies when 1 output is needed as 12V.

Use the Command Access VC3024 when working with other power sources that run hot 27-30V to step down & provide your locking hardware with a consistent 24V. A great tool to have with you in the field!

  • Euro connector on step down side for easy install
  • Create dual voltage output boards in the field
  • Bring down hot voltage so your hardware gets the consistent 24V it is looking for.
  • Pair with PS220 power tap to run door sequencers, PRI’s, Cameras & more at 12V

Voltage Options:


  • Input Voltage range: 24-30VDC
  • Output Voltage range: 12VDC
  • Maximum Output Current: 1A


  • Input Voltage range: 27-30VDC
  • Output Voltage range: 24VDC
  • Maximum Output Current: 1A