Command Access PM300 Power Boost Module

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The Command Access PM300 (taking over from all PM200 & PWM200 units) power booster module is an interface module that connects between the solenoid circuit of a latch-pullback exit device and the power supply.

The Command Access PM series modules offer a reliable, cost-effective interface solution for exit devices. The Command Access PM300 series modules integrate all the upgrades and improvements we’ve made over the years and are available for almost all exit device applications.

Different uses for this module:

Use a solenoid-driven exit device with a lower cost power supply  The Command Access PM300 provides a local power boost and will work with most 1.5 A or greater, 24VDC, non-switching power supplies, eliminating the need for the expensive “specialty” power supply.

Longer wire runs from the power supply to the exit device– Since the PM300 is the located in the exit device the allowable distance between the power supply and the exit device without compromising the performance of the device increases significantly

Gives a needed boost to an anemic power supply/exit device installation – For various reason our customers have encountered conditions where the PM300 saves the day! The anemic conditions could be due to the marginal power supply, minor device binding, too small of gauge wire run, too long of a wire run to name a few.


  • Provides local power boost to solenoid driven latch retraction pullback devices
  • Increases wire runs up to 700' on 2 18ga wires 1000' with 16ga wire
  • Gives anemic power supplies a boost
  • Works with filtered & regulated power supplies
  • Plug and Play replacement for the Von Duprin Potted Circuit Breaker
  • Options:
    • PM300 - Power module for solenoids powered by DC Power Supplies
    • PM300-DPower module for solenoids powered by DC Power Supplies with built in .5 second delay
    • PM300-AC - Power module for solenoids powered by AC Power Supplies
    • PM300-ACD - Power module for solenoids powered by AC Power Supplies with built in .5 second delay