Command Access MLRK1-SGT Motorized Latch Retraction Kit for use with Sargent 80 Series Devices

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The Command Access MLRK1-SGT is a practical and cost-effective way to convert a mechanical Sargent 80 series device to an electrified latch pullback device. The retrofit kit will maintain all UL listings on the device and for peace of mind is backed by a 3-year no hassle warranty directly from Command Access.

The Command Access MLRK1-SGT is a cost-effective and straightforward way to upgrade your Sargent 80 series device to motor-driven latch retraction in the field. UL Listed + 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty

The Command Access MLRK1-SGT is a practical and cost-effective way to convert a mechanical Sargent 80 series device to an electrified latch pullback device while maintaining the UL listing. Our easy-to-install motor-driven kit installs in moments. It is equipped with PTS technology allowing for an easy post installation adjustment of the latch/latches. Last but not least, the SLP features an updated MM4S module with 2 different energy consumption settings from energy conscious to high torque to get the tough jobs done!

Previous model # SLP-UL-M-KIT

Equal to Sargent M56 Kit, ACSI 1550K-MDS, SDC LR100-SGK

  • “PTS” Push to set technology
  • Easy installation - underneath the push pad for ultimate cutdown
  • Fast, quiet, smooth
  • True Electronic Dogging - Full push pad retraction
  • UL Listed
  • Retrofits Sargent 80 series exit devices
  • Voltage range – 24 to 28 VDC
  • System protection – unit shutdown when voltage exceeds 28VDC
  • Standard - Average Current Peak: 900mA, Average Current Hold: 215mA
  • High Torque - Average Current Peak: 2A, Average Current Hold: 250mA
  • PTS adjustment – approx. 1/4”
  • MM4S Smart Module: On board diagnostics with audible feedback for adjustment and power issues
  • “PTS”: 5 second electronic adjustment for easy post installation adjustment
  • Electric dogging rated for continuous duty - Auto re-engage if push pad is pulled from dogged position
  • Low Current Draw - Field switchable to “High Torque” mode
  • Up to 300’ wire run with 2-18ga wire - Long wire runs provides installer with convenience of placing the Command locking hardware power supply in a centralized location; i.e. the same closet as the access control panel