Command Access MLRK1-COR Electric motor driven Latch Retraction Kit for use with Corbin Russwin ED4000 or ED5000 Series Devices

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The Command Access MLRK1-COR is a practical and cost-effective way to convert a mechanical Corbin Russwin’s ED4000, ED5000 to an electrified latch pullback device. The retrofit kit will maintain all UL listings on the device and for peace of mind is backed by CAT’s 3-year no hassle warranty.

The MLRK1-COR is a cost-effective and straightforward way to upgrade your Corbin Russian ED4000  or ED5000 series device to electronic motor-driven latch retraction in the field. UL Listed + 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

The MLRK1-COR is a high quality, cost-effective method of converting a Corbin Russwin ED4000 ED5000 series device to an electrified motor-driven latch retraction exit device. The kit retracts not just the latch/latches but the push pad too. Allowing electronically dogged devices to remain in a push/pull state for as long as it is desired. Patent Pending Push to Set (PTS) Technology allows for an easy post-installation adjustment of the latch/latches.

Last but not least, it features a motor module with built-in audible diagnostics & equipped with 2 different torque settings from energy-conscious, to High Torque to get the tough jobs done!

Equal to Corbin Russwin MELR, ACSI 1550K-MDC and SDC LR1000-CRK

Previous model number CYLP-UL-M-KIT

  • Voltage range – 24 to 28 VDC
  • System protection – unit shutdown when voltage exceeds 28VDC
  • Standard - Average Current Peak: 900mA, Average Current Hold: 215mA
  • High Torque - Average Current Peak: 2A, Average Current Hold: 250mA
  • PTS adjustment – approx. 1/4”
  • 300' wire run with 18ga - Long wire runs provides installer with convenience of placing the Command locking hardware power supply in a centralized location; i.e. the same closet as the access control panel
  • REX request to exit option available