Command Access ARLP88-KIT Solenoid Latch Pullback Kit for Adams Rite 8800 Series Exit Device

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The Command Access ARLP88-KIT is a incredibly easy field installable solenoid latch retraction kit for Adams Rite 8800 series exit devices. The only hole you’ll need to drill is the raceway! It’s an ideal solution for latch retraction on a device where cost is a concern. 

Available 12V solenoid or 24V solenoid

  • Solenoid Latch Pullback - Audible retraction
  • High-Performance quality solenoids designed for demanding applications
  • Extended duration latch pullback capability for “continuously on” conditions
  • Low Current Draw
  • Up to 300’ wire run with 2-18ga wire - Long wire runs provides installer with convenience of placing the Command locking hardware power supply in a centralized location; i.e. the same closet as the access control panel
  • 5’ cable with Quick Connect for solenoid to easily connect to power supply lead
  • Input Voltage:24VAV/DC or 12VAC/DC+/- 10%
  • Works on all Adams Rite 8800 series
  • Easy installation
  • Cost-effective latch retraction