Cal-Royal HPDL258 Privacy Door Latch

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The Cal-Royal Hotel Privacy Door Lock ( HPDL ) is recommended for use in environments with corridor to room openings such as hotels, dormitories, apartments and even private residences. The Cal-Royal Hotel Privacy Door Lock ( HPDL ) allows the door to be partially opened for identification while providing privacy and security for the resident. The Cal-Royal Hotel Privacy Door Lock ( HPDL ) in the open position, cannot be used to hold the door open. The silicone pads (6) provides additional protection for the door and act as a silencer. The Cal-Royal Hotel Privacy Door Lock ( HPDL ) is typically affixed to an interior door and allows occupants an additional method to restrict access to their room. With the additional privacy, the occupant can discreetly see who’s outside by only having to partially open the door.

Hotels, dormitories, executive offices, and other spaces in need of in-room privacy are protected with a Cal-Royal HPDL258 privacy door latch. It is beneficial to use a modern design for privacy latches, ensuring that it’s durable and UL Classified for use on fire-rated openings.

The HPDL is UL Classified as a fire door accessory. It also meets the requirements of NFPA that requires auxiliary hardware to not interfere or prohibit the proper operation of fire doors, and that doors are not blocked or wedged in the open position. An optional Rivet Nut can be applied for a more secure and rigid installation. Privacy door latches are made for ensuring residents or hotel guests can identify a knock at the door without opening the door all the way.

One of the biggest benefit of using the privacy door latch is the comfort your guests will feel when they're in a room with a door equipped with this hardware. With the latch engaged, the guest may open the door a fraction of an inch to address the person on the other side of the door without the need to open the door fully. Older style latches and guards allow the door to open further, giving an intruder access to a greater portion of the hardware.

  • UL- Listed
  • Simple to operate
  • Easy Installation
  • Optional Rivet nut Installation
  • Meets NFPA 80
  • Meets NFPA 80
  • ADA Compliant
  • Material: Zinc Die Cast
  • Height: 2-1/8”
  • Width (Base): 1-1/2”
  • Weight: 0.65 lbs/unit
  • Opening Angle: 87°
  • Fasteners: #12-24 x 1/2” MS, 2” w/ no.12 head WS; (3) Rivet Nut #12-24 x 3/4” MS
  • Meets NFPA 80
  • Meets NFPA 80
  • ADA compliant 
  • Disengage tool available

Available Finishes:

  • US26D - Satin Chrome
  • US26 - Bright Chrome
  • US3 - Bright Brass
  • US4 - Satin Brass
  • US10B - Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • US19 - Flat Black Coated