Cal-Royal HD660 Series SURFACE Mounted Overhead Holders and Stops

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Cal-Royal HD660 series overhead holders and stops are designed to give dependable surface-mounted overhead door control for heavy duty applications. The Cal-Royal HD660 series surface mounted overhead stops and holders are available in dull stainless steel.

The Cal-Royal HD660 series holders and stops can be installed in almost all types of doors and frames including doors with conventional butt hinges, offset pivots, continuous hinges, swing clear hinges and other specialty hinges. They can be mounted to accommodate 85° - 110° door opening. Each door holder and stop models come in four different sizes.

  • Limits door swing
  • Heavy Duty
  • Surface Mount
  • Non-Handed / Reversible
  • Built-in cushioned stop
  • Available stop only or stop/hold
  • Automatic hold-open and release by push and pull on door
  • Hold-open can be disengaged to act as stop only
  • Heavy shock absorber spring provides compression before dead stop
  • Screw packet included to allow for installation in wood or metal door and frame
  • Maximum opening 110°, minimum door thickness 1-3/8"
  • UL Listed as STOP Function
  • Heavy-duty surface mounted 
  • Slide track design
  • Heavy shock absorber spring provides 5-7* compression before dead stop
  • Stop or hold open design
  • Complete screw pack with thru-bolts for the door and wood and machine screws for the frame
  • Durable slider cam
  • 1-3/16" square channel

Available Finishes:

  • 32D - Plated Dull Stainless Finish

Model and Size

Surface Overhead Door Stop Only UL-listed

HD662S       SIZE 2         23 1 /16” - 28”

HD664S       SIZE 4         33 1 /16” - 38”

HD666S       SIZE 6         43 1 /16” - 48”

Surface Overhead Door Holder with Hold-Open


HD64H       SIZE 4         33 1 /16” - 38”