Cal-Royal CONCR441KIT Dual Door Closer Connector Kit

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When a single door closer is not strong enough to close a door weighing 260 ~ 520 lbs, the Cal-Royal CONCR441KIT allows two Cal-Royal CR441 Series Grade 1 Door Closers to work as one, by connecting them together with the high-tensile strength steel connector sleeve nut on a steel mounting plate, doubling the strength and the door weight capacity while maintaining the opening force.

  • Connects two CR441 series door closers
  • For doors 260-520lb weight
  • Can be used for regular arm, top jamb or parallel arm mounting
  • Easy mounting
  • High tensile strength steel connector sleeve nut
  • Mounting plate: 12-1/8" x 7" x 3/16"

Cal-Royal CONCR441KIT dual door closer connector kit includes:

  • CR441 tandem connector sleeve but
  • Mounting Plate
  • Master Cover
  • Universal arm for regular arm , top jamb mount or parallel arm mounting


Available Finishes:

  • ALUM - Sprayed aluminum
  • DURO - Sprayed Dark Bronze
  • GOLD - Sprayed Gold