Cal-Royal Alarmed NALRMA2200 ADA Series Rim Mounted Mechanical Exit Device UL Fire Rated and Non-Rated Grade 1 Push Bar Style

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Cal-Royal Alarmed A2200 ADA Series Rim Mounted Mechanical Exit Device UL Fire Rated and Non-Rated Grade 1 Push Bar Style. ADA compliant. ANSI A156.3. Lifetime manufacturer warranty.


  • Alarm - Prefix "NALRM" before model #.
  • 1, 3, 5-minute and continuous alarm type settings available
  • ON and OFF power switch
  • Alarm sound frequency is 120 db
  • Alarm unit has an internal horn. When the push rail is depressed, the horn sounds to provide an audible means of signaling that the door has been opened and breached.
  • The key switch to turn alarm off is a standard 1 ¼” cylinder with “C” keyway. The alarm operates on one standard 9-volt transistor battery. When battery is weak the horn will emit an intermittent signal.
  • Alarmed units are supplied with a micro switch, which monitors the push rail and the latch bolt and outside trim (if available) for foolproof security on rim devices
  • Alarm unit has a signal OC output that can be linked to external alarm control systems
  • Easy removal of the alarm unit without the need to dismount the exit device for battery maintenance
  • Unit includes “EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY ALARM WILL SOUND” decal for application on door or unit
  • ANSI A156.3, GRADE 1 heavy duty exit device in surface vertical rod and rim designs.
  • Retrofits Sargent 12-2828 and 12-2838 Series
  • Conforms & Meets ADA Regulations.
  • Americans with Disability Act (ADA) Compliant, 5 lbs. opening force.
  • UL Listed for Panic and UL10C, UBC 7-2-1997 codes.
  • UL Listed for Fire Exit Hardware. 3 hours.
  • (A) label rating on pairs of doors up to 8’0″ x 8’0″ swinging in same or opposite directions.
  • Chassis mounted unit construction.
  • For Doors - 1 ¾” thick standard optional 2 ¼” thick. 4 ½” minimum stile width required for single or double door application using standard 239 strikes and pull or lever trims
  • Chassis - Non-ferrous Alloy (Panic Grade), Steel (Fire Grade)
  • Cover - Non-ferrous alloy. Covers stock hollow metal doors with 161 cutout
  • Mounting - Furnished standard with wood and machine screws. Available with thru-bolts on request. Thru bolts are standard packaging on fire-rated devices.
  • End Cap - Steel construction
  • Hand - Non handed, center hub. 2 ¾” backset
  • Latch Bolt - Stainless steel ¾” throw
  • Spring - Stainless steel throughout
  • ANSI Standard - A156.3, Grade 1
  • Rail Assembly - Heavy gauge steel, painted
  • Strike - 239 packed standard (See strike page)
  • Dogging Feature - Allen-type key furnished standard on non-fire labeled devices. Cylinder dogging available
  • UL and ULC Listed - A2200 Series for panic. AF2200 Series for fire exit hardware for all types of 4’ x 8’ single doors and 8’ x 8’ double doors for up to 3-hour fire labeled installations, conforms to standards UL10C and UBC 7-2-1997 codes
  • Finish - Aluminum (Alum), Dark Bronze Duranodic (Duro), Gold (Gold)