Cal-Royal Alarm Kit for 6600 Series Exit Devices

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Cal-Royal alarm kit for use with Cal Royal 6600 series exit devices. KIT ONLY. Multiple keyways to choose from. Available for 3' and 4' devices. For use with both rim and surface vertical rod devices.

  • Alarm unit has an internal horn. When the push rail is depressed, the horn sounds to provide an audible means of signaling that the door has been opened and breached. 
  • The alarm will sound continuously for 150 seconds or until disarmed. A running alarm mode can be set to sound a 6-second beep every 6 seconds after the initial 150 seconds expires. Running alarm will sound until the unit is disarmed or until battery runs out of power.
  • Alarm sound frequency is 120 db
  • The key switch to turn alarm off is a standard 1 ¼” cylinder with “C” keyway.
  • The alarm operates on two standard 1.5-volt AA battery.
  • Unit includes a decal for application on door or unit: “EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY ALARM WILL SOUND”
  • FIRE ALARM - a built-in heat sensor will sound a continuous 0.3 sec interval beeping sound when surrounding temperature reaches 122°F ±7.2°F, until it is disarmed or the temperature goes down to 113°F or below.
  • LOW BATTERY ALARM - When battery voltage drops to 2.4VDC ± 0.1VDC a 0.3 sec beep every 3 seconds will sound

Available Keyways:

  • Schlage Classic C - Standard
  • IC - SFIC Small format interchangeable core less core (Best,  Arrow)
  • ICSC - Schlage FULL SIZE interchangeable core less core

Available Sizes:

  • N36ALRM66 - 36" 
  • N48ALRM66 - 48" 

Available Finishes:

  • 32D - Brushed Stainless Steel 
  • ALUM - Painted aluminum
  • DURO - Painted dark bronze