BEA 10BR2-900 Logic Module with Built-In 900 MHZ Wireless Technology

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The BEA BR2-900 is a 2-relay logic module with built-in 900 MHz wireless technology. Designed to provide wireless MC25 functionality, it is ideal for applications requiring sequencing of electric locking devices and automatic door activation.

Additionally, Day / Night Mode on the BR2-900’s wireless receiver enables the user to designate “secure” or “unsecure” access for controlled entry points. Push plates with wireless transmitters can be programmed to operate during specific time periods (controlled via DRY Day / Night Input).

The BEA BR2-900’s Universal Mode, an industry first, allows prelearned 900 MHZ UNIVERSAL TRANSMITTER to function directly out of the programming required, saving time and enhancing accessibility!

The BR2-900 is compatible with all existing BEA 900 MHz transmitters and devices, plus the 900 MHZ UNIVERSAL TRANSMITTER.

Sequenced or simultaneous relay activation for application flexibility

2-AMP relays allow the direct release of an electric locking device wirelessly, eliminating the need for a separate logic module or isolation relay

Wireless functionality eliminates the need to run input wires directly to the logic module, saving both time and money

Extended Hold Mode allows wireless push plates to function like hardwired push plates (if push plate is held, relay does not time out)